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Travelportalonline believes that GTA has been one of the forerunners for the hotel content industry from all over the globe. They specially create their inventory for the partners and clients all around the globe. Travelportalonline offers leading Travel Technology provider serving clients all across the globe provide cutting edge and robust GTA API Integration. We believe in conquering new heights with the latest travel Technology solutions.

An insight on GTA Integration

GTA or the Gullivers Travel Associates is among the popular global B2B wholesaler offering client all types of accommodations, like the budget hotels, luxury hotels apartments and various other travel products to tour operators and hotel reservation system, providers. With thousands of travel product suppliers, GTA can easily handle all types of group reservations even in the last hours.

Travel services provided by GTA API Integration


When it comes to GTA Hotels Module or GTA API Integration toy can easily search and book hotels from the registered suppliers. This B2B ground service provider has a history of offering services for more than 35 years.

Therefore, integrating GTA API will offer you over 150,000 rooms through more than 37,000 hotels of various types, be it budget rooms, luxurious apartments, resort, homes at private hotels to luxurious apartments and more. The inventory of GTA also includes the world-famous hotel brands.

Hotel Booking module features:


The excursion refers to booking tickets of concerts, events, from the GTA suppliers. The excursion module is a part if the GP travel hub. Partner with GTA for the most comprehensive rates.

Whether it is a hotel, excursions booking Travelportalonline will surely help you to get the best deals on hotels to car rentals with excursions.

Basic features for excursion module:


The Gulliver Travel Associates supplier offers the Transfers Module which enables the travel agents to book and search transfers. Recent data suggest that GTA has a connection with over 5,000 transfer and the number keeps on growing.

Transfer services features:

Why Choose Us?

Travelportalonline has been in the travel portal development industry for years and throughout we have developed numerous website with GTA API integration. Partnering with us can ensure the following:

In case you are looking forward to integrated your travel portal with GTA API, contact Travelportalonline now!

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