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Travel Portal Development Company

Travel portal Online develops and integrates custom developed and highly integrated Mystify APIs into travel portals, and reservation system. Being a travel portal development company we have a partnership with global API initiators and travel consolidators integrating which will help you to include thousands of travel products in your website easily turn it into an inventory. Being in the industry for years we have already developed accommodation, flight, transfer, car booking portals for the clients. Our partnership with Mystifly has helped many customers to increase their flight ticket reservation business. Therefore, they are quite satisfied with our services.

Mystifly is any whether to anywhere and anytime flight booking service provided started with the initiative taken in 2009. It is headquartered in Singapore and consists of the largest network of global airfares concisely 750+ airlines, more than 80 point sale countries. Mystifly operates at more than 190 countries and is happily connected with 5000+ customers. In case you are thinking of integrating your website with Mystifly Flight API Integration Travel portal online can develop the perfect flight reservation system with Mystifly API. The company has integration with top airlines all around the globe which also includes Continental Airlines, British Airways, Emirates and others.

Mystifly is the hub of the best airfare deals owning to its unique travel technology, that fulfils the demands of the flight providers with the lowest flight rates from anywhere to anywhere. Mystifly has a global market in the USA, Singapore, Brazil and Australia. Through Mystifly you can easily get the technology variants of white label solution, corporate travel management tool and XML services. Not only that, travel Portal Online supports Mystifly because it has intelligently fare management tool, pricing tools and more. Not only that, over 22 countries all around the world use the Mystifly API technology to book the ticket at the lowest fares from any to anywhere.

Therefore in case, you want a cutting edge travel Portal to boost your business turnover, contact travel portal online to know more about Mystifly.

The Features of My FareBox

Benefits of Mystifly API Integration Solutions

Who can integrate their website with My FareBox?

Online travel agents, tour operators and Travel Management Companies, transfer providers can integrate the one only web service into their platform, and book flight tickets at the lowest cost. As mentioned above they can easily get options from over 800 airlines over 80 + point sale countries. Certainly, through Mystifly API you can easily increase your revenue and market share up to 40%. You can attract more customers and boost your profits. More targeted customers can improve your conversion rates and cater to global customers. Partnering with travel portal online will not only increase the service distribution but let the traveller’s book airfare at the last minutes' at the lowest rates.

Tour operators do face problems in access the bilk airfares in the international countries because making toe ups is surely a lengthy process. Through My Farebox one point access, you can easily connect yourself with the global airfare providers and book bulk seats.

The API integration process is extremely simple, our developers will get the agreement, and integrate the website with Mystifly API, next comes the IAT testing. After the certification is completed, we bring the clients website on board and next you are ready to live.

Why Choose Us?

Travel Portal online has a specialized team who can easily integrate the website or travel portal for the benefit of the travel agent, tour management companies. Not only that we believe in providing a demonstration before starting the project. Therefore, once you plan to work with us you will surely have the idea about how your website will look and the features the air flight booking system will contain.

Here are a few reasons to choose us:

In case you are thinking of integrating your site with Mystifly API surely contact Travel portal online now! We are more than happy to guide you and build the best online visibility for you.

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