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Travel Portal Development Company

Travelportalonline is an eminent API integration and travel portal development company who looks into total stay Integration and other GDS integrations for the travel service providers to ensure fast profits. We provide the best API integration for Total Stay With the help of XML/ API. Travelportalonline recommends Total Stay for the client owing to its extreme flexibility.

Not only has Total Stay allowed you to properly define the information you want to be displayed. Therefore, you can easily merge a lot of data from multiple suppliers and accommodation providers and include the details or content information like the way you want.

Total Stay will surely enable the travel development companies to choose partial or full XML Integration suiting your business requirements. Travelportalonline makes edits according to the client's requirements.


Features of TotalStay API Integration

Get access more than 165 000 hotels in more than 10 000 cities worldwide partnering with TotalStay hotels module.

Whenever you are booking a hotel or accommodations do not forget to check out the information on penalty charges. Whether there is free cancellation or any other type of cancellation charges, verify these details before booking.

Why Choose a Travelportalonline?

Travelportalonline has a strong mapping with static data and will also increase the volume of the XML API integration. Therefore, in case you have travel business or you are Travel agencies, or tour operator you can easily integrate your websites with hotel XML to get the access of global hotel inventory.

With wider choice of hotel booking travel agents are able to offer customers personalization choice of accommodation and help them to book accordingly. Not only can those customers look forward to comparing rates on a consolidated platform.

The total stay API integration is provided by the Totalstay group, and since it is important to travel software for the travel agents and tour operators we always recommend getting maximum hotel contents from worldwide suppliers. The hotel API integration makes the dynamic data integrated into the web portal giving 24/7 access to the lowest hotel rates.

Total Stay Integration provides innovative solutions to the online hotel reservation companies and guides them towards providing hotel rate discounts for all the tourists and travellers. Being part of the JacTravel Group an expert and popular travel services consolidator Travelportalonline suggests TotalStay to the clients. We serve every possible accommodation requirements be it best day travel extranet to hotels API extranet services to our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Travelportalonline has been in the travel portal development industry for years offering outstanding Travel Portal solutions. Our TotalStay Integration services deals with complete assistance, related to accommodation services near the city breaks to rural areas, coastal resorts, Luxury hotels, airport hotels budgeted hotels and more.

Here are a few reasons to choose us:

Are you looking forward to building your travel portal? Travelportalonline will not only guide you to design and develop your travel portal or hotel reservation system, but we will add integrate the best APIs.

Partner with us for Total Stay Integration and get the best inventory for your clients. Contact us for the best rates and sort out the plans now!

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