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Travel Portal Development Company

Travelportalonline is the best B2B Travel Portal development company helping travel agents, tour operators, and travel management companies deal with the growing online booking customers. Being in the industry for years has made us face the growing demands of the B2B Travel Portal in the industry. There is ever-rising competition and more and more travel agent and tour management companies want to benefit from the online travel industry. They come to us to develop; redesign and redevelop their existing website or build new ones.

Travelportalonline has been in the travel industry for years, we have gained the trust of many customers through our scalable services which have supplemented in bringing profits. B2B travel portal is for the business owners who want to help other travel service providers like agents operators and more.

To develop quality operations Travelportalonline as a B2B travel portal development company teams up with the best developers to custom, develop the B2B travel portals for our clients. We believe a b2b travel portal must contain a robust platform and complement through an advanced web and mobile technologies. Booking engines developed by us are integrated with the largest data from global GDS so that any customers looking for travel products can book it instantly.

Are you a startup looking for a b2b travel portal development company for agents?

Travelportalonline builds a platform known as the online B2B Travel Agency to improve the ability of Tour Operators, Consolidators, and Travel Agents to distribute the movement or accommodation items productively to different sub-specialists through. The concept of simplifying business through the help of a B2b travel portal is not a luxury anymore rather it is the core requirement of a business.

Travelportalonline believes whether you are looking forward to developing a B2B White Label travel portal, a complete travel booking portal, hotel reservation system, Car rental online, or transfer services can create a sub-agent management portal to facilitate your business. All travel agencies can access the B2B portal anytime and do not need to waste time making collaborations with worldwide accommodation providers and doing the paper works.

The B2B solutions have become very much profitable for the sub-agents as they can easily book travel products from the agents at a much cheap rate. Moreover, they make those products available to their customers at many affordable rates.

Travelportalonline provides travel development that enables companies to offer instant online travel booking at affordable rates that goes beyond expectations.

Travelportalonline specializes in b2b travel portal design, b2b travel portal development, and Api integration of the module with top GDS/ XML and JSON API. Our testing department looks after the technical aspect of the B2B portal whether it is working fine in all the screen sizes, the number of errors in the page and much more.

Our technical team does not compromise with the quality of the works, we not only check the B2B travel portal we develop regularly rather we also maintain the product after delivery.

What are the benefits of a b2b portal for travel agents?

The advantage a B2B module rests in the fact that small and medium-sized businesses can highly benefit from the travel products by registering with the travel portal. Moreover, you can provide 24/7 customer support services for your sub-agents.

B2B Softwares developed by Travelportalonline has online travel Portal Companies. One of our clients could invite a million customers within a short duration of 6 months. We are also proud to have worked with various DMC clients all around the globe curating updated and modern travel website with trending features.

Through the live chat B2B Portals we develop can boost communication between the corporate and companies, between the subagents and the customers.

Coming to the subagent management feature, we create exceptional backend through which the travel agents or travel service providers can manage the account logins all sub-agents and their staff. Moreover, they can also easily see through the booking and the payments. The multi-currency and multi-language features add to the benefits.

Here is a list of the benefits of a B2B module:

Travelportalonline helps you to stand out, and win new business in the highly competitive travel market. Innovation and uniqueness always become a part of our team to ensure better engagement.

Providing online booking on b2b process, XML integration for a hotel booking system, payment gateway integration, airline reservation system on the latest edged technology yields elite partnership. Therefore, contact Travelportalonline for a free quote.

Know the services Travelportalonline deals with

Travelportalonline engine is built with high-end technology for the online retailers and tour agencies, be it small operators or medium travel agencies. We provide the opportunity to book both international and domestic air tickets with our B2B Flight Booking Portal. Not only that through the B2B hotel Booking engine travellers can easily book any types of accommodation and Travelportalonline has a collection of over 70, 000 global accommodation providers.

B2B travel portals developed by Travelportalonline are mobile-friendly moreover we develop custom B2B apps. So, you will need a smart phone to access the website or the app being responsive it will also respond on a computer/laptop but having a good internet connection is very essential.

The transactions are made through a safe payment gateway which is integrated with payment modules. B2B Travel Portal, which works similar to an online store, can accept payment through Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Rupay Cards, Master Cards, wallets, APIs and more.

Travelportalonline enables businesses to leverage their enormous capabilities to distribute their services, to make their business global. Travel is something that everyone has an interest in. People live to go on a vacation during holidays; they won't explore new horizons of the globe. If we see it the other way, people also travel for business meetings or board meetings. Similarly, the way we need to transfer services in our daily life, travelling from the office to home, travelling from the airport to the hotel, or moving out of the hotel to the airport. Transfer services are also required for sightseeing.

Travelportalonline ensures secured accommodation, flight, transfer, tour package, car booking services for the travel agents through the B2B travel portal. Not only that we ensure an overall secured travel package so that the sub-agents can benefit for the business. We make sure that the B2B web-based interface is updated along with the on-page customization. A proper on-page of the b2b travel portal will ensure proper ranking in the search engines and boost online visibility.

Who are our clients?

The wide range of features that Travelportalonline offers in their B2B travel portal or software is fit for corporate customers. It is also for travel agents, travel operators, Destination management companies, and more. Companies looking forward to boosting their business in their domain and company brand are our priorities.

Top Key Features of our B2B travel portal development

Travelportalonline with their B2B travel portal development services provides business-centric solution to the travel portals to serve the sub agents. Having an API integration installed in your software can boost up the business. A little investment in B2B White Label enables B2B businesses to grow.

B2B Travel Wholesalers can easily provide businesses to the sub-agents at affordable rates, through it the customers can turn up the booking ratio. Benefits of b2b module are a small and medium travel agency can easily connect to the world wide accommodation and book properties under their name. They can make those properties and services available during emergency hours or when the booking rates are high.

Why Choose Us?

Travelportalonline has been in the industry for years guiding customers with B2B Travel Technology portal development services. Throughout years we have strived hard to reach the goals. We are eager to have a project where the agent's can directory connects with the consolidators.

Here are a few points that explain the reason to choose Travelportalonline:

In case you are looking for more tips on B2B travel portal development, or want to find the best platform to develop a B2B White Label travel portal for your business, contact Travelportalonline for more information. We are ready to arrange a free demonstration of our complete travel portal development process, according to your requirements.

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