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Travelportalonline Hotel extranet system offers quality opportunity to the customers securing the bookings, increasing occupancy and facilities to book more rooms till the last date. Hotel Owners prefer the extranet system for a seamless online booking engine. When it comes to Travelportalonline we make sure that our clients manage each and every detail of the inventory.

Being in the industry for years, Travelportalonline works as an experienced extranet development company and serve clients from all around the world. We believe in securing the booking opportunity for the clients and to do so we include the best CRS and functionalities in the hotel extranet.

A Hotel extranet is basically an individual application that helps travel management companies, travel agencies and travel operators to upload the partnered hotels and make their entry to their online booking system. All you require to complete is insert the following hotel information such as allocations, hotel descriptions prices, and exclusive offers.

The Booking Extranet Admin comes with secured process for all the suppliers and connectively they agree to handle the traffic, check the confirmed reservation, check reservation status and also deliver exclusive discounts. Travelportalonline Hotel extranet system gives its customers the benefit to secure more bookings and finally increase the number of occupancies. Hotel extranet also increases the number of rooms available until the last minute.

There are numerous payment options available with online hotel extranet. You make the payment from your preferred payment options, be it the debit card, credit card, UPI, wallets and more. Mostly the payments are asked to be made through credit cards during last minute bookings and so are charged online by credit card at the time of booking resulting in very low cancellation rates and more occupancy.

Travelportalonline Hotel Extranet or Hotel CRS is basically another form of hotel central reservation system. We develop every kind of hotel CRS for our clients according to their requirements, if they want to modify the extranet to include resorts, hotels, and presidential suites and more, we develop it for them according to their requirements.

The hotel extranet system redefines the functionalities of a single hotel chain connecting it with multiple properties. Therefore, with all the advancement with the evolution of the Internet, the hotel owners can attract the customers and get them multiple options. For example, a chain owner who has a secured environment with hotel extranet can easily define several properties by assigning a login id and securing it with a password. The property holder can directly create, make a modification, check the room costs, check guidelines, and also set offers for the customers.

Hotel access booking creates an end-to-end selling platform as the agents’ air travel property owners can log in with their sub-account and reserve properties under their name and sell it to the customers. With the extranet evolution travel portal owners has successfully generated online hotel reservation trade with continuous interactions with the business pro all around.

In case you are thinking of installing a Central Reservation System for your portal and provide them the most popular accommodation rates, The Hotel CRS can entirely serve your requirements.

What is extranet booking hotels?

Extranet booking hotels are actually an application that helps customers to upload all their hotel partner hotels and accommodation providers. The managers of a hotel can seamlessly manage the booking and room availability through the Hotel extranet. As a hotel owner you can also manage the different distribution systems.

Advantages of global hotel extranet are that the hotel managers can easily mention the hotel’s description and all details regarding the room availability. Extranet booking hotel access will also help you access the rates, special discounts, and privacy policies. Since Hotel extranet is a travel management tool you can easily use it to manage or maintain the different distribution systems. Integrating the global distribution system or GDS like the Sabre, Amadeus or Travelport you can easily integrate a single travel system.

Key capabilities of a Hotel Extranet System

Benefits of Hotel extranet

Hotel Extranet system secures the payment options made by the customers. Whether a customer needs to book a process or want to make a modification or increase their inventory, they can easily make all kinds of modifications through Travelportalonline a well-known extranet agent.

Features of Travelportalonline Hotel extranet

Through the hotel extranet, you can enter the hotel management system package plans, and use it for b2b and b2c reservations. Hotel extranet has not only increased the efficiency of hotel owners to boost their services but also build loyalty. With the popularity of online bookings as an accommodation provider you no longer need to deal with a middle man for your hotel booking, rather you can contact your partners and include their properties under your extranet.

Use the Travelportalonline hotel extranet to boost the business productivity and easily build your travel firm identity. Not only that when it comes to perfection you can avoid all kinds of errors. Also you can boost your last-minute hotel booking services.

Hotel reservation service extranet has helped the hotel management to use this tool to manage their online sales and marketing avenues. The extranet also help in projecting the rates and availabilities of your property and the accommodations can be easily viewed through the sales channel.

Why Choose Travelportalonline for your hotel extranet system?

Travelportalonline Hotel Extranet helps in generating fresh daily reports of the bookings, reservation details report billing details report, a detailed copy of the cancellation, availability in the inventory & a separate nationality rate reports.

With Travelportalonline hotel extranet you can easily increase productivity and also increase customer loyalty. When as an accommodation provider you are offering last-minute booking, many customers can become stress-free. Moreover, customers those who have enjoyed the services from the Travelportalonline development agency have been successful in all the profiles of their business.

Mentioned below are a few reasons to work with Travelportalonline

  • Professional developers with years of experience
  • Timely updates
  • Hotel extranet with the most updated features
  • Live travel product demo
  • Through the internet distribution system software, you can build secure management for your hotel booking business.

    Travelportalonline has been in the travel industry for years guiding both the national and international clients develop a fully flexible and scalable hotel inventory and reservation management system. We have partnered with various DMC and national clients all across Dubai, Middle East, Afganistan, UK, Algeria, and the USA.

    In case you are having any kind of queries or looking forward to building your bookings extranet, Contact us Travelportalonline extranet distribution.

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