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At, we provide comprehensive hotel booking API XML integration services that help users to directly undertake travel searches in their respective portals and websites. With our help, you can gain a solid platform for distributing travel content based on our robust and advanced API interfaces and top tech infrastructure. In fact, we take pride in delivering technologies that ultimately enable travelers and tourists discover the best hotels for their trips.

We make use of a commission based model which is the preferred choice by the hotel industry. This specific sales model ensures a long term relationship with the various hotels while being mutually profitable. We can easily make customizations to the booking engine as per the unique requirements of our clients. In fact, we will even adapt and modify our systems to better fit your unique brand. Moreover, you will also get all the support you need for integrating our APIs to your website. After all, it is our aim to deliver a whole new level of service concept. Additionally, we continuously strive to remain at the top of technology advancements and deliver the best possible solutions for the travel industry.

Get the Best Hotel API Integration Services

At Travelportalonline, we build, design and undertake hotel reservation system API integration with our talented in-house team. Our team consists of developers, web designers and project managers, all of whom are extremely passionate and have considerable experience in this field. They also possess immense expertise in delivering the best travel projects. Irrespective of the level of your company, be it a startup business or an established travel agency, we can help you achieve your goals with ease.

With our API hotel booking, you can gain access to a diverse range of details. This includes room types and room images. You also gain the ability to perform a range of actions such as booking rooms, cancelling rooms and generating reports on the same. Being a trusted hotel booking API provider, you can rest assured that our services have been tested and are maintained by an expert team of professionals. After all, Travelportalonline takes pride in delivering Hotel APIs that are easy to use by all in the international travel and tour industry.

Why Get Hotel Booking API?

The fact is that whenever your clients are selecting a hotel through your services, they should get all the details in real time. That is where we help. We ensure that all information is available right at their fingertips whenever they need it. With an effective hotel XML integration solution, you can help your business grow successfully. In our API for hotel booking, we take steps to ensure all real time requirements are covered. After integration to a travel portal, it will allow your agents, clients and customers to gain access to a range of services.

With API integration travel websites, you get a web service that provides the online functionalities of booking and searching for hotels. This feature significantly enhances and broadens the usability of your online booking site. It allows consumers to have more options from which they can choose their preferred place to stay in for any specific city. By implementing the hotel API, you will immediately gain access to a massive inventory of accommodation such as hotels. In short, you get a vast range of accommodation options along with an incredibly user-friendly interface. As a result, our hotel API is sure to attract a lot of traffic and interested people to your travel portal. In turn, you get to increase your customer base without much effort. You also gain the freedom to focus on improving your business through other channels and means.

Simplify the Process

It is typically a hectic task trying to arrange a holiday even for experienced travelers. As a result, it becomes our job to simplify this process as much as possible. By delivering a single platform to the consumers for searching from a massive number of hotels and accommodations and booking accordingly, things are considerably simplified. In many cases, it might even exceed their expectations. There will also be a lot of time savings involved. In other words, the process of booking hotels becomes a quicker, simpler, and easier process. After all, features like instant confirmation and easy interfaces are present. Moreover, there will no longer be any need for physical data input on multiple occasions. After all, the room booking software with API holds on to all the information and details necessary.

Enjoy Cost Savings

You will also be noticing a lot of cost savings in multiple areas. After all, you gain the ability to complete bookings instantly and get the pricing details in real time. Moreover, all details will be available immediately. All of these features end up saving a lot of time while reducing the operational costs. By integrating with our hotel booking API, you will gain access to all the hotels and suppliers that we have become partners with. For this access, you just need to pay a fee for a single time. In other words, there is no need to spend any additional amount on the system or even content development in future. Through the APIs, you can start integrating all the services related to hotels that we offer. This integration can be done with your own databases, sites and systems. As a result, you get a booking engine that brings in the latest information in real time and displays them immediately to your customers. We can design this exactly as per your specific requirements. We can even incorporate a payment gateway if you need one.

Help Clients and Customers

To get the best deals in the market, tourists and travelers end up searching multiple portals. They will always look for and use a portal that delivers the most relevant results that they are in search of. Our free hotel search API comes with a robust search function that delivers the exact search results that the customers need along with the best possible deals. As a result, customers are more likely to complete the bookings at your portal. Our software is capable of understanding the requirements of travelers such as their budget, location, room features and amenities and deliver accordingly.

The benefit of using hotel API

API Integration will not only increase the inventory of your hotel reservation system rather it will help you turn your business into a global brand. The global GDS like the Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus have connections with more than 50,000 accommodations, and transfer providers, more than 700 airline operators, and above 70 travel packages. No matter whether you are looking forward to building your online visibility or want to create a global inventory through Hotel API integration, Travelportalonline can help you fulfill all your requirements.

Why choose us?

Travelportalonline has always been a guide and the partner of various travel agents and travel operators when it comes to the development of travel portal, or hotel reservation system.

Here are a few reasons to choose us as your partner:

Travelportalonline has been in the industry for years, looking after the design, development, Maintenance and API Integration for numerous DMC and National customers. With our specialists, we can provide the best deals for the clients and services to our clients. With the help of the API, we have a variety of deals which surely satisfies our customers. Moreover, we look into the fact that the project gets delivered on the promised time will all the functionalities up and running.

In case you are looking forward to creating your online Hotel reservation system, Hotel Booking system surely contact us for more information.

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